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Why Vinyl Siding is the Best Option

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Why Vinyl Siding is the Best Option

Posted on: August 30th, 2019 by admin
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Your home is ready for a face lift.  Most siding contractors will be recommending vinyl siding for your house and you want to make sure it’s the right decision.  So, what’s so great about vinyl siding?

Affordability – As far as siding options go, vinyl siding is one of the most affordable.  Factoring in durability and lifetime wear and tear, you’re going to get the biggest bang for your buck when you choose vinyl siding.  It also is one of the cheaper options due to its ease of installation and the fact that in certain situations, it can be retrofitted over existing siding.  Selecting vinyl siding allows you to keep your budget low and not waste a ton of money on labor costs.

Diversity – Not only does vinyl siding come in an almost limitless supply of colors, it comes in different styles too.  Like the look of cedar shakes, but don’t want the maintenance of wood? You can find vinyl siding that looks just like the real thing, without the upkeep.  Of course, with different options, comes higher price tags.  However, just because every house in the neighborhood has vinyl siding, doesn’t mean your house has to blend in and be average even if you move forward with the standard lap siding.  Selecting a color that stands out and then either installing it in a different way, like vertically instead of horizontally for example, can make your house stand out.   Talk with your siding contractor and see what kinds of options are available.  The technology of vinyl siding has come so far that you can pretty much get vinyl siding that resembles all different types of siding, without the maintenance and cost of the other varieties. 

Durability – Vinyl siding is made to last.  It will withstand almost any storm and provide excellent protection for your home when installed properly.  It repels moisture, is dent resistant, and generally won’t fade.  It also is unaffected by insects and other pests so when your goal is worry-free siding, vinyl is your answer.

Maintenance – With vinyl siding, there is generally very little maintenance, which is a huge advantage over other siding options like wood.  The color of vinyl siding is throughout the product so no need to worry about chips, flaking or excessive fading.  There is no worrying about water damage so no rotting pieces to be concerned with and, unlike wood, no painting, sealing to be concerned with.  Lastly, it is resistant to insects, so no need to stress about replacing portions of siding over time from insect damage.  Typically, all you need to do with vinyl siding to keep it looking its best is a quick rinse with soap and water.

It is best to discuss all your options with your siding contractor to select the best product for you and your home, but vinyl siding tops the list for most homeowners and siding contractors.  Ready for some instant gratification and an immediate improvement in your curb appeal?  Contact us today!