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Roof Repair or New Roof Installation

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Roof Repair or New Roof Installation

Posted on: September 10th, 2019 by admin
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Are you wondering if your roof is ready to be replaced?  There’s a few key factors to consider when deciding on whether to repair your existing roof or have a new roof installed.

Age – How old is your roof?  Many types of newer roofs may last upwards of 20 years, but at around the 15-year mark is when you need to start paying attention.  Inspect your roof visually for any missing, cracked, or broken shingles.  If you are unable to do this yourself, call in a local roofing contractor to inspect your roof for you.  Find a contractor you can trust who will give you their honest, professional opinion on repairing or replacing your roof. 

Wear – Being in a coastal community, the homes in and around Ocean County are often subject to some damaging storms.  If you are constantly finding pieces of or whole shingles around your property after a storm or periods of high wind, it may be time to call a roofing contractor.  Torn or missing shingles allow water to do damage to your roof base layer and thereby, your home.  The main purpose of your roof is to protect your home from the elements so when there is a problem with your roof as indicated by any signs of weathering, it could lead to larger problems in your house like leaks and rotting.

Visual impairments – Look at the roof as a whole for anything alarmingly abnormal about your roof.  Dark spots, the growth of mold, and shingles that have curled edges are just a few of the things that may be an indicator that it may be time to replace your roof.  Older shingles may have barren spots where the granules of the shingle have worn away.  This again may be a good gauge to tell if your roof is nearing the end of its effective life.  If any of these issues are affecting just a small area of your roof, you may be able to contact a roofing contractor who could address the localized areas rather than replacing your whole roof.  However, if you have multiple issues or the problems cover a large area on your roof, it’s a good indication it’s time to call a roofing contractor to discuss a new roof installation.

Resale value – If you are thinking about or are actively selling your home, you may want to consider investing in a new roof.  A brand-new roof can boost curb appeal and increase the value of your home.  In order to sell your home, you want people to notice it for all the right reasons.  Many new home buyers don’t want to buy a money pit.  They want to move into a home that they can feel safe in and not have to worry about starting to replace things right after they move in.  Invest in a new roof installation before you list and you can reap the rewards in your selling price.

If your roof has any of the aforementioned problems, it’s time to contact us to inspect your roof.  From there, we can decide whether repairing your roof or replacing it is the right option.